21 Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes For 2021 From Classic To Sexy To Spooky

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Come on, admit it. It’s fun to dress up your bump. You might style it in special ways depending on the occasion, or wear fabrics that feel oh-so-good on your skin. But when Halloween comes around, you’re definitely going to want to find a costume for both you and your bump. So get ready to have some spooky fun with these pregnant Halloween costumes that are so, so pumpkin good.

Of course, your happiness for Halloween depends on a few factors. If you’ve been spending most days with your head stuck in a toilet bowl, you might not be that stoked to start looking for a costume that doesn’t include some sort of a bucket attachment. And if you’re 1,000 months pregnant, well, you’re probably over everything at this point. Still, even if you’re tempted to cut a couple of holes into a bedsheet and call it a day, momma, you are so much better than that. Because really, your bump is the ultimate exclamation point for any and all pregnant Halloween costumes you choose.

Don’t believe us? A scary Halloween costume becomes even creepier with a belly. A sexy pregnant Halloween costume becomes even more sensual, what with all those added curves. And something funny (like a skeleton sporting a tiny bony baby version) becomes even more of a sight gag when you’re rocking a pregnant belly.

Get ready to rock All Hallow’s Eve, because these pregnant Halloween costumes are so creepy, they’re cool.

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Sexy Witch Pregnant Halloween Costume

You’ll cast a sexy spell over everyone you see when you wear this sexy witch maternity costume. The costume itself is simple enough: a long black gown, but it’s the way that the dress covers your curves that takes it to the next level. It comes with a witch hat, too, so you won’t have to steal one from your child to make your outfit work. And in theory, you could wear this dress again (sans hat of course), because with the right accessories, this could be a gorgeous gown for a date night out with your sweetie that might end with a sweet treat or two.


Mummy T Shirt Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Who’s a funny mummy-to-be? You are, when you slip on this sweet and silly pregnancy Halloween tee shirt. The grey shirt features your baby mummy peeking out, probably trying to ensure that only full-size candy bars are being doled out. You can wear this shirt in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween, and on the big night, too. It’s a cute shirt that is sure to inspire smiles and laughs wherever you go, and have people asking when your big day is. If you wanted to take this shirt to the next level, you could always wrap some tissue paper around your neck and head, or even on your arms to bring home that total mommy/mummy look.


Sexy Maternity Devil Pregnant Halloween Costume

The devil is in the design of this maternity devil costume. What’s great about this dress is that it’s sexy without showing any skin. After all, the costume has long bell sleeves, a boat neck, and hits at the knee. But what makes it beautiful is the fit, which is curve-hugging without being constricting. It comes with matching ears and a tail that will have everyone wondering what makes you so devilish. Come November 1, though, you can set aside those accessories and, voila, you have a beautiful red dress that no one will know is a Halloween costume.


Sexy Maternity Princess Pregnant Halloween Costume

Show everyone who’s the belle of the ball, er, Halloween, with this sweet and sexy maternity princess costume. The costume has an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, and a wrapped design at the bust. The mermaid flare at the bottom of the gown gives it some royal flair. Don your head with a tiara, and you’ll be ready to greet any trick-or-treaters who come to your door. And while it doesn’t specifically state it, this gown is giving off some serious Cinderella vibes, especially because of its pale blue color. Just be sure to be home before midnight so you (or your belly) don’t turn into a pumpkin.


Funny Skeleton T Shirt Pregnancy Halloween Costume

There is no pregnant mom on the planet who hasn’t wished that she could peek inside and see her baby. Well, you won’t have to wait for your next OB visit to get a glimpse of your baby when you wear this pregnancy skeleton T shirt on Amazon. It features an “X-ray” of your ribcage, and your little fetus waving hello. It’s a no muss, no fuss kind of costume. Pair it with a pair of black pants, and you’re good to go to that party, or trail behind your bigger kids as they troll the nabe looking for tricks or treats. The shirt comes true to size, so make sure to order one that fits your bump.


Cheap Pumpkin Dress Maternity Halloween Costume

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to fork over big bucks for a one-time wear costume. The Halloween pumpkin dress is long enough to wear as is, or pair with some black leggings underneath to create a complete ensemble (or simply to stay warm on a chilly All Hallow’s Eve). It’s stretchy enough to fit any size bump, too, and can be a safer alternative than painting your bump. You can wear it to pick up your older child from school, for their class Halloween party, or just to feel festive around the house.


A Halloween Costume For Couples

Your couple’s avocado maternity costume will be the pits — but in a good way. Although one side of the costume has the pit, (and the other has the hole), you can always cut the pit part out and stick your own belly through it instead. Now, you might see the avocado pregnancy costume all over as a DIY Halloween project, but sometimes buying one like this one is a lot faster and easier. Plus, it’ll keep you nice and warm, whether you’re at a party or walking outside with your kiddos. All you need are a pair of black pants or leggings, and, well, you won’t be stuck between guac and a hard place.


Plus Size Ghost Halloween Costume

Casper, you’re not. Not technically a maternity costume but roomy enough to be, it’s up to you how cool (or creepy) you want to make this plus size gothic ghost Halloween costume. The dress has an ombre style that bleeds from light to dark towards the tattered and sheared hemline. The sleeves are also sheared to make it look like you’re about to take off and fly. The costume’s empire waist will allow for your bump to have all the room it needs even though it’s not advertised as a maternity costume. This gown screams makeup, though, so you’ll need to wear some on your face (think non-toxic white foundation and dark eyeshadow around your eyes), to play the part of a floating (and frightful) ghost.


Most Comfortable Halloween Costume

When painting on some whiskers with eyeliner just won’t do, you can opt for this leopard Halloween costume. The one-piece costume has an attached hood with pom pom ears, perfect for putting on when Halloween night gets a bit blustery. You don’t even have to deal with buttons, just a quick zip up will get you ready for the festivities. And we don’t know about you, but this looks like the purrfect costume to cuddle up on the couch in after you’re done collecting all that candy. And you can wear it well past October 31, too.


Funny Pregnant Lady Tee Shirt Halloween Costume

Listen, you’re pregnant, and you’re tired. So even though you want to wear something fun for Halloween, you might not have a lot of energy to muster up to create a cute costume. Enter this maternity baby tee shirt that’s posing as a costume. You can wear any ol’ thing that you want with it; your maternity jeans, jeggings, leggings, a skirt, whatever feels comfortable. You can add some fun accents to it (like pumpkin earrings, or something else orange or black in color), and call it a damn day, already.


Funny Pregnant Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Costume

It’s basic science, right? Whatever seeds you plant, grow. So if you’ve been snacking on some, ahem, pumpkin seeds (and are now growing a little pumpkin of your own), then this adorable pregnancy tee shirt will be a hit. You can customize the background color of the shirt (think Halloween classics like black, orange, or purple), but then you can also go rogue and choose fun colors like prism ice blue, military green, or lilac). But even though your shirt might be a warning to others, pumpkin seeds actually have a ton of health benefits, according to Health, like being high in antioxidants, healthy fats, magnesium, and (wink wink) have been known to improve your partner’s swimmers, too.


Cheap Funny Pregnancy Maternity Halloween Costume

You’ve probably seen a lot of pregnancy announcements where a mom-to-be poses with a jar of Preggo (because she’s, well, preggo). But you won’t have to scarf down a plate of spaghetti to let everyone know you’re expecting with this cheap maternity Halloween costume. After all, with this Preggo apron, you can take your costume straight from the kitchen out to trick or treating. The one-size-fits-all apron makes for a crazy quick costume that will fit over your bump. And if you feel like eating a bowl of Bolognese before you head out, you’ll be totally dressed for dinner.


Plus Size Ladybug Maternity Halloween Costume

There’s something so lovely about a ladybug. Maybe it’s because ladybugs are considered to be good luck, or how they’re believed to protect people from illness. So how could you not want to dress up as the adorable insect? This plus size ladybug costume isn’t technically a maternity costume, but it comes with a very loose-fitting tunic that forms the ladybug’s body and offers plenty of room for your belly. You’ll play the part of the pretty insect with already-included wings and antennae to complete your look. All you’ll need is a black long-sleeved shirt and pants to look just like a ladybug.


Zombie Scary Maternity Halloween Costume

Pregnancy can be scary, so why shouldn’t your costume be? This bloody zombie pullover costume is a ghoulishly good way to celebrate Halloween. The tattered hemline and sleeves give it an even creepier look, but what will give everyone chills are the blood stains splattered all over the costume. Since the costume is see-through, you’re going to need to put on some layers, both for warmth and to avoid a peep show. Some fake blood coming out of your mouth would work well with this creepy costume, and remind everyone that when it comes to Halloween, you’re a real mother.


Scary Skeleton Maternity Halloween Costume

For a Halloween that doesn’t elicit too much effort, try this skeleton maternity Halloween costume. Welp, it’s technically pajamas, but really, nobody is going to question you on it. And that’s why you can literally roll right out of bed and onto the street for some trick-or-treating. It’s all one piece, so you just have get into it and you’re good to go. It’s made from 100% cotton jersey, so you can easily move around it, and still stay comfortable in your own skin… um, skeleton.


Cheap Nurse Maternity Halloween Costume

Sure, you might have donned a nurse’s costume or two at some point prior to pregnancy, but this one will fit your new stage of life. The short-sleeved white maternity nurse costume comes above the knee, and features short sleeves with that traditional candy stripe detail. It even comes with a hat that you’ll probably want to pin down so that it doesn’t fly away. A pair of white tights and white heels will make this outfit sexy, as opposed to wearing scrubs. And for $19.99, this nurse maternity costume is both cheap… and hot, just like you might like it.


Funny Bun In The Oven Maternity Halloween Costume

You put a bun (or some kind of bread) into the oven and have your partner try to put two and two together. And since it’s a classic way to let people know you’re pregnant, you’ll get even more laughs with this bun in the oven maternity costume. The one-piece costume features a mock oven with a bun in it. You could always open up the front of the costume and swap out the fake bread for some real food, like a hoagie or some other sort of sammie, in case you get hungry while you’re trick or treating with your kids or if they don’t have anything good to eat at your company’s office party. In any case, it’s definitely going to elicit some laughs.


Pirate Queen Maternity Halloween Costume

Shiver me timbers! This maternity pirate costume will make you want to sail the seven seas — or at least, just get a relaxing day all to yourself. The costume comes with a pirate shirt and attached vest, along with striped pants and boot tops. But no pirate would be complete without their hat, and this costume comes with one, too. The sash can accentuate your bump beautifully. This kind of costume calls for eyeliner, and lots of it, so be sure to wear makeup that would make legendary female pirates like Cheng I Sao, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny proud. And when you rock your bump, you’ll be able to get anyone to walk the plank — or just get you some more pirate’s booty.


Pooh Bear Funny Maternity Halloween Costume

At first glance, it might not look like much; just a red shirt and a yellow skirt. But once you realize that this maternity Halloween costume is meant to look like Pooh Bear, it adds a whole new perspective to it. The costume also comes with beary cute ears that your friends and family will find adorbs. And if you’re thinking of theming Baby’s nursery with classic Winnie the Pooh, then this outfit makes even more sense. Now, it’s cute enough on its own (and woot, can be worn well beyond Halloween), but to make it even more magical, why not pair the costume with a pot and write the word “Hunny” on it? Then, when Baby is born, you can dress them up as Piglet for the perfect pic.


Bat Plus Sized Halloween Costume

Be the baddest bat on the block with this spooky jersey spiderweb dress costume. While the creepy white spider on the front might seem like the star, it’s actually the attached cape with wrist cuffs that’s the scene stealer. Just open up your arms and everyone will see the cool webbing inside. The jersey tank dress is stretchy enough for your bump, and the thick shoulder straps will keep it firmly in place. To add extra detailing to the look, you can use opaque black tights or fishnets to make it look like even more webbing. Wear heels or boots, and you’ve got yourself an awesome Halloween costume.


Funny Maternity Halloween Costume

Maybe you’ve been craving cookies and milk. Or maybe peanut butter sandwiches are your jam. No matter what you’ve had a hankering for, nothing can beat the tastiness of small tots, at least, according to this Halloween maternity shirt from Etsy seller maternity tees. Available in either black or grey, the shirt reads, “I eat small children”, and depending on how big your bump is, that could be a pretty creepy statement. It also doesn’t help that the jack-o-lantern-esque face looks kind of evil, too, but that all adds to the excitement. As you walk through the neighborhood, point randomly to children and say, “You’re next,” and you’ll have a Halloween to remember.

Maternity Halloween costumes can be cute, they can be scary, they can even be funny. But what they all are is special, since you’re celebrating the holiday in a howlingly sweet way, together just you and your bump.

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